RollerBones Elite Roller Skate Wheels


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For all of you artistic skaters our there, you’ll love the Rollerbones Elite. This is actually my favorite set of indoor wheels that I wear all the time. They are great for both recreational and artistic skating.

I personally wear the 103A 62mm wheels. However, there are 2 different wheel hardness to choose from 101A and 103A. Plus, there are 2 different wheel heights to pick 57mm and 62mm. Both wheels are 30mm wide.

The harder 103A wheels will give you a lot of slide making spins and turns easier even on the stickiest of wood floors. The 101A gives you a little less slide and more stability. These wheels also come in 4 different colors: clear, red, white and black.

If you want to spin and jump, then take it from an old, washed up figure skater. These are a great set of wheels.

Additional information

Wheel Size

57mm x 30mm, 62mm x 30mm

Wheel Colors

Black, Red, Whiskey, White

Wheel Hardness

101A, 103A


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